Digital Audio Portfolio


A collection of games that I have created at RPI is available at my page.

A demo reel highlighting some of these games is available on YouTube.



Pickleball: Smash

1PXL Studios (New company formed from the merger of Troy, NY-based 1st Playable Productions and Des Moines, IA-based Gold Creek Games)


Role: Sound Designer


I began working at 1st Playable Productions as a Designer Graduate Co-op in the fall 2022, which evolved into a part-time Designer Apprentice role during the school year, and full-time during the summer 2023. I have been involved in a number of products over the past 18 months, serving as a QA Tester, Game Designer and Sound Designer. 

I am especially proud of the work that I did as a Sound Designer on Pickleball: Smash, which is available on all major platforms and consoles. I recorded, sourced and produced my own sound effects, many of which are included in core gameplay features.  


Veni, Vidi, Vici

Snowbed Studios


Role(s): Project Manager, Music Composer, Combat Sound Designer, Social Media Manager

Game Link

Available on Steam starting in June, 2023, Veni, Vidi, Vici is a 2D dungeon crawler and rhythm game created for RPI’s Game Development II course. Lost and alone, you must traverse mysterious dungeons and befriend magical creatures… through dance battles!

I led the team and created the soundtrack. Among the thirty participating games RPI’s GameFest 2022 (from NYU, RIT, RPI), Veni, Vidi, Vici was recognized with the following two awards:

  • Excellence in Audio Finalist
  • Excellence in Design Winner

The game was selected to represent RPI and the New York State Pavilion at GDC 2023. I attended the conference along with two team members, presenting the game at the booth to event attendees.

I had a spectacular time working on this project with my team of developers. To create the soundtrack, I used multiple audio plug-ins in FL Studio to build a “chiptune” instrument from the ground up. I also did final editing in Audacity, and used MuseScore as a way to notate my pieces. From boss battle themes to general level themes, I had a chance to explore a wide array of themes and choices. This is my biggest project to date, and I am incredibly proud of the results.




Wheel Steal

Knucklebones Interactive (Boston, MA)


Role: Audio Design Intern

Game Link

Wheel Steal is an educational, multiplayer, spelling game for kids, developed in Unity. Based off of the physical play game, Wheel Steal by Knucklebones, this digital version draws from the physical game but adds in many more new and exciting elements that are only made possible in a digital space!

This was a great internship that I participated in going into my Sophomore year. The team was incredibly supportive and I learned a lot about creating sound effects with real-world tools, as well as microphone setup and mixing.