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I have a passion for games. Whether it be a new and innovative game design, playing the newest release of a new game title, or tracking evolutionary trends that are helping to shape the industry, gaming is central to who I am.

I love to lead teams, and project manage for success. Overcoming challenges and seeing projects through to fruition is now central to my DNA. To that end, check out a few of the leadership lessons I’ve learned based on my experiences to date.

I also have a passion for sound design and all forms of music, and provide examples of my work and experience on this website. Check out my Digital Audio Portfolio for recent examples of audio / sound design for several games I’ve been involved with, as well as a digital audio demo reel I’ve put together. You can also check out clips from several recent live musical performances (both vocal and instrumental-focused) that I’ve been involved with, including a new composition I wrote for the piano, entitled “Inescapable”.

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